How not to drive yourself crazy - Spirit Airlines edition

We here at like to provide the occasional public service. This is one of those posts. If you find it disagreeable to slam your hand in a door repeatedly, you'll find this post useful. If, on the other hand, you enjoy things like root canals, screaming children or Carrot Top comedy routines, then you can stop now. 

This past spring I, along with 2 of my coworkers, had to travel to Colorado for a work event. We all work for a non-profit and so we were being very price conscious when we were booking our travel. As we looked at prices for flights all of them were roughly the same price. However, there was one airline that came in $100 cheaper than any other airline, Spirit Airlines.  I hadn't ever heard of Spirit airlines before, but with 3 of us traveling I figured the only responsible thing to do was to book the flight with Spirit and save ourselves $300. Huge mistake. 

The first reason that this is a huge mistake is that while Spirit Airlines ticket prices are way better than anyone else's, there is quite a bit of information they aren't telling you. Spirit Airlines is the time share scam of the airline industry. 

When you buy a ticket, that does not include a seat. Yes, you read that correctly. You have to purchase a seat on the flight after you buy the ticket. The seat cost another $20, each way. So now we've already eaten up some of that "savings." But wait, there is more. There are no free bags on Spirit Airlines. Not even carry on.  You are paying to bring any bag larger than a purse on Spirit, and if you forget to do this before you show up at the airport, you're screwed, because the fee is at least $100 per bag.  Total scam. Booking and paying for a flight on Spirit is like playing a game of three card monty in New York city, or maybe a better analogy is that it's like the "free" games you download on your iPhone that later turn out to have tons of ways to trick you into spending tons of money.

So how was my flight? I never found out. Our trip and flight were cancelled due to a freak April snowstorm in Colorado. So how was dealing with Spirit Airlines during this fiasco. Guess?  It was terrible. Did I get my money back? Nope. Was the customer service based out of another country and clearly just reading from a binder the entire time with no ability to answer any of my questions? You betcha.

Some of my friends did receive vouchers that had to be used in 60 days, but some of us did not. Why? No idea. The website failed to register when I went through the same procedure my friends did. Was anyone willing to help me? Nope.  

It's a travesty and an embarrassment that this company is even in business. It's the most blatant scam I've ever seen that isn't an internet company. They are so shady I would be frightened to ride on a plane operated by these stooges. I feel it is my duty as a citizen to spread the word that this company is to be avoided at all costs.   

I've spent some time reading other reviews from their passengers and the airline seems to be universally terrible. They are frequently very late. The seats are tiny. The flight uncomfortable, and the hidden charges are legion. 

Please avoid doing business with Spirit Airlines at all costs. 

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