Mariano Rivera's last game, moving

In case you missed it, Mariano Rivera pitched in his final game as a major league baseball player this week and the Yankees (love them or hate them) did a fantastic job sending him off. Here are his last, emotional moments on the mound.   


While the Yankees still had 3 more games to play (on the road against the Astros) Mariano will not pitch, thus preserving this great scene as his last appearance as a Yankee and as a pro ball player.  Fun fact to know and tell. Ted Williams did exactly the same thing when he retired. He hit a home run in his last at bat at Fenway, and then didn't play in the Red Sox final three games on the road.

One other fun fact to know and tell. Mariano Rivera is the last player allowed to wear the number 42. That number was Jackie Robinson's number and MLB retired it from the league, but because Rivera was wearing that number before the league wide retirement, he was allowed to continue wearing the number.  With his retirement, another era has ended as well.