The future never ends up looking like it did in the movies

Where are those hover boards that Michael J. Fox used to run away from Biff in the Back to the Future 2?  Why aren't there flying cars everywhere? Where is this smog riddled dystopian future we've been seeing in the movies for the past 50 years?  Where is the robot maid from the Jetsons?

The future never quite becomes what the movies predict. When I think of robots, I think of metal humanlike beings clanking around doing ordinary tasks for us and eventually going rogue and trying to kill us. Either that, or Terminator like Androids that are created to be super soldiers. But in the real world, robots don't look like people at all, and they are incredibly efficient.  Check out this video, these robots probably won't try to take over the world and make us slaves, but they are insanely efficient workers.