How to stop annoying Cell Phone users

When cell phones first became something that everyone had there was a pretty steep learning curve on what was appropriate use of a cell phone. One of the more annoying faux pas (that still happens way too often) is when someone gets in your car and then makes a phone call on their cell phone. I came up with a funny way to discourage this in my car while driving with some friends one night. One of my companions made a call and as he proceeded to have a conversation with the person on the end of the line, I pretended he was having that conversation with me. We quickly discovered that it was virtually impossible to have a conversation on the phone with someone while the person 2 feet away from you was responding to all your questions and comments. The guy in the video below has perfected this art, now known as "cell phone crashing". BTW, I'm not claiming to have invented this, but when I saw this video I remembered those fun times int he early 2000's.