This is real, and you should see it - the future.

We've all imagined a future with flying cars straight out of Back to the Future. What we imagined isn't going to happen. Instead, the future will be thousands and thousands of tiny helicopters (aka drones) flying everywhere. Jeff Bezos, Amazon's resident genius/madman/visionary/CEO has already had the folks at Amazon work out how they can make this future happen.  Check it out below.

Once Amazon gets clearance from the FAA and some sort of system of air traffic is worked out I'm sure other people will start using this same technology to deliver stuff right to your door.  My money is on Jimmy John's firing all of their drivers and going with this. Also, how large of a pizza do you think one of those drones can deliver. Of course, the whole system has a huge marketing problem from the outset because of the word "drone". I think initially, most of the populace will be afraid that Amazon is going to bomb their house, or fertilize their yard with anthrax.

However, once that is all worked out, this could allow people to sell their cars and never leave their house! Ah, the future.