5 songs I'll never get sick of hearing

Do you have those few songs that you will always like and never get sick of hearing? What is the magic ingredient that makes a song something you never get sick of? I think it might be that the music somehow speaks to you (regardless of the lyrics) in a place that you can't explain. It's like that song has a secret code to your brain, soul, spirit, however you want to say it, and when you hear that song it immediately takes you somewhere you like, so you never tire of it. Regardless of the why, I'm glad there are songs I never get sick of.  Here are 5 of mine:


1. Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve

I just love this song. It always reminds me of seeing U2 on the PopMart tour in 5 different cities because the DJ on the tour played this song right before the show started and U2 came out, but that was just my introduction to the song. It's just a great tune. Fun fact, The Verve didn't make any money off the song because the Rolling Stones sued them for sampling too much of an orchestral version of their song "The Last Time". Keith, Mick and their attorneys walked away with all the cash.

2. Karma Police - Radiohead

Radiohead hasn't really had any "big hits" besides Creep, from their first album. This would be the closest song to qualifying for that title. It's so good that one time in the late 90's I started crying while driving down a suburban thoroughfare while listening to the song. No explanation as to why, it's just that good.

3. Until the End of the World - U2

Judas talks to Jesus in a rock n roll song. That's all you need to know.

4. After the Storm - Mumford & Sons

When I die. Play this song at my funeral. That's how good it is.

5. We are Young - Fun.

This song has only been out for a few years, but I can tell you now I'll never tire of it. If you've never seen the video, give it a watch. If I was ever going to make a music video, this is exactly what I would have done. (Maybe without the couple making out so aggressively though).

Of course, there are more songs I'll never get tired of, but I didn't want to post an exhaustive list. Perhaps I'll add 5 more in a year or so. 

What songs will you never get tired of hearing? Feel free to post links in the comments.