iPhone v. Android v. Microsoft v. Tessaract usage

On Christmas day I did a little informal poll on Facebook to try and determine usage of operating systems (iPhone, Android, Surface, Windows, iPad, MacOSX, etc.).  I've been having a fun debate with a friend about Androids supposed dominance of mobile computing, so I thought this might help shed some light on the subject. There were 85 total responses, which obviously isn't very many, and here is how it broke down:

iPhone - 52 - 61.1%
Android Phone - 12 - 14.1%
iPad - 6 - 7%
Windows PC - 4  - 4.7%
Mac - 3 - 3.5%
Surface -  2 - 2.3%
Blackberry - 1 - 1.2%
Google Glass - 1 - 1.2%
Pager - 1 - 1.2%
Tessaract - 1 - 1.2%

But Derek, this is a small sample size, how can you be sure if it's accurate.  It isn't, but I also have data on visits to this website this week. Mostly Accurate has had a good bit of traffic in the past 5 days. Here are those stats.

Operating systems screen capture.jpg



iPhone is king.

In the stats from our website, iPad and iPhone are combined.

Even though there are more Android phones on the earth, they don't get nearly the usage that iOS devices do. That's because many  Android devices aren't really marketed or sold as smartphones, and the people who are buying them aren't really using them as such either.

Microsoft is in big trouble. Nothing they've done in mobile has gained much traction. Notice, there were zero windows phones represented in the Facebook poll. No one is using Windows 8, wow!

I don't think the Blackberry response was a joke. Which just illustrates something everyone already knew, Blackberry has plummeted incredibly far, incredibly fast.

The pager response made me laugh out loud.

The Tessaract response made me laugh even harder. What is a Tessaract?  Click here to find out. Skip ahead to the 48 second mark.

I assume the Google Glass answer was a joke too. I've yet to see one of those in the wild, but I've already created a personal rule regarding the Google Glass. If you're wearing one, I won't talk to you, until you take it off. I have no desire for you to record what I'm saying, or to be looking at something else while I'm talking to you.