Wanna see the worst movie ever for free?

Have you seen the worst movie of all time? Wait, do you even know what the worst movie of all time is? Ishtar? No. Gigli? No. The Hangover 3? No. Avengers (the one with Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman)? Nope. How about Glitter or Batman and Robin or Battlefield Earth or From Justin to Kelly? All incorrect answers.  The actual worst movie of all time is............

Troll 2

Have you seen Troll 1? It doesn't matter, they literally have nothing to do with one another. Wanna guess how many times the word "troll" is used in the movie Troll 2? If you guessed zero, you win a free trip to the town of Nilbog (the fictitious town that Troll 2 is set in). If you figured out that Nilbog spelled backwards is goblin then you are smarter than the people that made Troll 2.  Troll 2 is so bad there is a documentary about how Troll 2 is a terrible movie.

So now you have to see it, because you're thinking "can it possibly be that bad?" The answer is yes, it can be that bad and it's  actually worse. It is difficult to oversell how bad this movie is. It's so bad it's hilarious. Watch it with a group of friends, seriously.  It's available on Amazon Prime right now, so go get it before its not available anymore.

Assuming you survive the horrific experience of watching this film, then check out the documentary someone made about how bad it is. It's pretty entertaining. It's available on Netflix.