What's it like to camp out for the new iPhone?

Tucker Morrow experiences the iPhone 6 release camp out line

 I use my cell phone for just about everything.  I know that this isn’t weird, as most people do, but I integrate as many of my daily functions on to my phone as I can, so that wherever I am, I can be doing something. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago, my iPhone broke, and I was downgraded… to a cracked, slow iPhone 4 (I know you probably feel terrible for me).  Even worse than the iPhone 4 was the fact that I couldn’t get any of my apps to work; I was reduced to talking and texting (so basically, I was reduced to what it is cell phones were made for).  I went to the AT&T store to see when I was eligible for an upgrade, and to my surprise they told me I was eligible immediately.  This was Sunday, September 14th; the iPhone 6 came out on Friday, September 19th.  I attempted to preorder the phone, but was informed that it would take weeks for me to receive it, and I couldn’t wait that long.  I decided instead, to camp out overnight and buy the iPhone 6 in the store the day it came out.  

Why camp out?

    The main reason I camped out is that I was extremely curious about the type of people that camp out for an iPhone.  It was also an excuse for me and a couple of my buddies to hang out.  We got in line at around midnight behind three other guys.  The first guy in line had obviously done this before; he was well prepared.  He had a generator powered up in his car which ran power to his laptop that he had set up on a collapsible table.  He was on the internet playing World of Warcraft, and drinking energy drinks from a cooler next to him.  The second guy looked like he’d never done this before.  He was sitting on the concrete with his back against the wall, and staring at the bank across the street.  The third guy was in a sleeping bag and didn’t seem very social at all, so I made sure and put a little extra space between where he was and where I was.  

Strangest Group of People Ever

    As more people began to show up, conversations began to happen.  I can honestly say (and I say this with all due respect) this was the strangest group of people I had ever been around.  Inevitably, we started sharing stories.  This quickly turned into a one-upping contest and the stories got more and more ridiculous.  The highlight of these stories was most likely the claim by one of guys that he had taken forty-two shots of patron on his twenty-first birthday and hadn’t really felt much of the effect of the alcohol… I’m not kidding.  Somehow, this guy thought that we would all believe it.  As I continued to pay attention to the stories that were being shared, I realized that all of these guys were lying.  Every one of them wasn’t questioning anyone else’s stories because they didn’t want their stories questioned.  It was a really strange phenomenon.  

    I realized after a little while that a lot of these guys were living for the next thing, whatever it was.  They needed excitement in their life, they had to live for the moment.  The problem with living for the moment is that the moment ends, and it ends quickly.  The moment also disappoints you, it’s not everything that it promised it would be.  There was a heavy sadness on the air as I realized that these guys were here, because they desperately needed something to get excited for.  They needed something to pull them out of the routine of their day to day.  Even worse, these guys thought that the iPhone 6 was going to do it.  They believed that by buying this phone they would finally have everything they wanted.  It was difficult to watch, these guys were convinced that this phone was all they needed.  

    The iPhone 6 is a great phone, I like it a lot, but it isn’t capable of fulfilling any part of us.  We chase fulfillment day after day and we don’t often stop to realize that we’ve been chasing it for years and nothing has come of it yet.  I believe that only a relationship with Jesus is capable of permanently fulfilling us.  The guys in line with me are probably finding out about now that their life is pretty much the same, with the addition of a cool new phone.  They’re likely setting their sights on something else they can hold out for to break their routine, and whatever that thing is won’t be able to bring any kind of lasting fulfillment either.  

    When I was a sophomore in college, I finally came to the point where I was sick of living for the next big thing, I wanted my every day to be the next big thing.  I was tired after chasing things that could not permanently satisfy me.  That’s the point where I decided to really follow Jesus, He said that He was capable of that kind of fulfillment, so I decided to give Him a try.  Living in the fulfillment of Jesus allows me to experience other things for fun, and not as a means of sustaining me.  We have a chance to make our day to day routine exciting and fulfilling.  We can stop chasing material things that don’t ever give us even half of what they promise.  I fully believe that I am able to enjoy things like the iPhone 6 more because I am not depending on it to fulfill me.  Rather than living for the next big thing, let’s allow Jesus to make everything we do the next big thing.  The journey I’m on with Jesus is the most exciting, crazy, and scary thing I’ve ever done, but it is also the only thing that has ever truly fulfilled me.  I don’t know where you stand on all of this, but I can tell you from my experience, and the experience of a lot of my closest friends, Jesus is who He says He is.  

    You may not have expected to read all of this stuff about Jesus when you opened this article, and if you don’t agree with any of it that is more than okay with me.  I believe that everyone has the right to hear about Jesus Christ and what He’s capable of doing, but I also believe that people have the right to come to their own conclusions about Him.