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not my actual hand

not my actual hand

By Tucker Morrow

You may have noticed that I haven't posted in a while, you may not have noticed, but humor me and pretend that you’ve been disappointed that you haven’t seen Mostly Accurate post anything by Tucker Morrow.duo  I’ve taken a little bit of an involuntary hiatus from writing over the past few weeks, and I’ve been dying to get back in the game.  The reason for my hiatus is that I recently was the lucky recipient of hand surgery.  I severed two tendons and a nerve trying to pull a glass out of a cabinet (yes, you read that right) that needed to be surgically repaired.  After surgery I was in a cast for a couple of weeks and recently have been put into a stylish new duo-brace which just sounds cooler than saying "I have to wear two different braces at the same time."  It’s been a fairly frustrating couple of weeks, my wife can probably echo that.  There are a number of things I’m used to doing regularly and without help that I have been totally dependent on my wife for since the surgery.  The most difficult part however, has probably been my inability to write, take pictures, or play music.  

 I really enjoy trying to be creative.  There’s something deep within me that is just feels in balance when I’m writing or playing guitar or taking pictures.  It’s been really challenging not being able to feel that as regularly as I’m used to.  Unfortunately, I spent a large portion of my life not doing those things.  All through school, I was an athlete.  Athlete was the label that I tried to live up to, and it shaped most of my decisions in my middle and high school years.  I constantly had a desire to learn to play music, to write down my thoughts, or to take pictures, but I was worried that people wouldn’t accept that part of me because it didn’t fit into the “athlete” box.  I was a product of what I thought I was supposed to be, and I missed out on some cool opportunities because of it.  Looking back, it’s easy to see that all of that stemmed from insecurity.  I wasn’t really sure who I was, so I tried to be what I thought people wanted me to be.  

I definitely don’t regret playing football, it was a ton of fun and I have some awesome memories, including a pretty sweet high school highlight tape that I’m known to pull out from time to time when Page and I have friends over.  I do wish that I would’ve experienced more things during my high school years though.  Once I got to college and started to understand my identity, I picked up the guitar and the camera, and started writing things down.  Looking back, it was one of the most freeing experiences ever, I was able to do the things I was naturally good at without worrying if I would or wouldn’t be accepted.


My encouragement to you would be to do whatever it is that you relate to on a deep, personal level.  As Bob Goff says, do less of what you suck at.  Don’t be a people pleaser because pleasing people is overrated.  If you’re creative (which we all are in one way or another) then CREATE!  There is something super valuable about pouring yourself out into something you love doing, whether it’s art or music or dance or whatever, just do it.  I heard a quote the other day that said creative people have a hard time being creative because their creativity has outpaced their skill.  Basically you can’t make something that is up to your own creative standards at first, but don’t let that discourage you, keep going.  Take a risk, and try to learn to do something you’ve always wanted to do.  I was super fortunate to be offered an outlet for writing via this blog.  I’m extremely thankful to Derek Bonesteel who responded to my email that I sent asking for writing advice with a “do you want to write on Mostly Accurate?”  I took a risk, and poured my thoughts out, and it felt awesome to see people sharing what I had written.  Trust me, if I can do it, you can too. 

I love relationships, and I love learning how different people show their personalities through all kinds of mediums.  I love learning things from people.  Go out and experience stuff, stuff outside of your comfort zone and see what you like.  People are awesome, they’re crazy talented and creative.  Learn something from somebody and put it to use.  It’s not a competition, let’s all be in this together.  I’m super glad to be able to write again, sporting my flipping awesome duo-brace.  So go out and create something, and then show me what you did!  I want to see all of it.  


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