Throwback Thursday - Music Video edition

When thinking of Bon Jovi their voluminous hair from the 1980's you might be tempted to think that "Living on a Prayer" was their big hit that put them on the map. No one can blame you for this oversight, because if you've been to a high school football game in the last ten years you know that it is MANDATORY that every band play this song, and that half of all drill teams perform some sort of high kick dance routine to the song. However, you would be mistaken. You Give Love a Bad Name is the song that really vaulted Bon Jovi into superstardom. Don't remember when Bon Jovi was a big deal? Then you my friend are not part of Generation X ( congratulations!). 

Fun fact about this video. Bon Jovi weren't a big deal when they filmed it. This arena was filled with friends and other locals to make it look like they were playing a big packed house, but in reality they weren't there yet. The tricked worked on me. As a 13 year old freshman in high school I thought "wow, these guys must be big, I wish I was cool enough to know about them before now".  Yes, I was a sucker. So were millions of others because they became big stars as a result of this video, and now it seems they will never go away.

Enjoy the glorious bouncing hair from You Give Love A Bad Name.


Move over Gangnam style, there's a new sheriff in town.

If you thought Gangnam Style was the most ridiculous song to ever become insanely popular, then you're going to love (or hate) this one.  Here's the thing, this is a joke, but it's a good joke. The song is funny, the production value is high, and after watching this twice, the whole thing will be stuck in your head....forever. Totally safe for kids.


5 songs from the 90's you may have forgotten

Here are 5 songs you may have once known, but haven't heard or thought about in a while.  If you like this list our friends over at have also created their own list.

1. Malibu by Hole. Not a Courtney Love fan? Well, no one is, but this song is amazing.

2. Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon. Barely qualifies as a 90's songs, but it does.

3. What's Up? by Four Non- Blondes  - Weird looking girls, catchy song.

4. Glycerine by Bush - It's hard to explain just how ubiquitous Bush was in the mid 90's. They were everywhere, and you could turn on the radio and hear 3 different Bush songs on 3 different stations at any time.

5. Lightning Crashes by Live - no respectable 90's list of any sort can leave out Lightning Crashes, aka "The placenta song". Are there any other instances of the word placenta being used in popular music? Thankfully, no.

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David Lee Roth is brilliant, and insane.

He explains why they wouldn't allow any Brown M&M's backstage at Van Halen shows in the 80's.  Three things I thought while watching this...

1. Dude must look pretty old, thus it's shot in black and white, at a distance, while he is wearing a hat and sunglasses. I'd wager he basically looks like some sort of ghoul at this stage of the game.

2. What's the purpose of this?

3. If this is actually true, he's much smarter than I ever expected.