The 12 Worst Songs of All Time

These are the worst songs ever recorded.

by Scott "Buzz" Krippel

1. Who Dunnit? - Genesis
A strong way to start a list such as this.  Each new section of the song seems to be vying for the title "worst thing Genesis ever recorded."

2. Mexican Seafood - Nirvana
One would think songs like this might have tipped someone off to the fact that Kurt Cobain had some issues.

3. A Hard Day's Night - Mrs. Miller
Mrs. Miller was a real person who was signed to a recording contract, unaware that the joke was on her. This is one of many classics.

4. Michael's Dad - John Niems
Made (in)famous by Jim Rome. This song was a sincere tribute to Michael Jordan's late father and truly defines the word "hokey." You'll have to go here to here it.

5. I Wanna Talk About Me - Toby Keith
Rarely does a song make me want to rip my stereo out of the dash and then strangle a kitten, but this one does. Beyond awful.

6. Mas Tequila - Sammy Hagar
A shameless, tasteless ripoff of Gary Glitter's "Rock n Roll Part 2". Warning: Like tequila itself, this song may induce vomiting.

7. Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - The Carpenters
This song is, rather sweetly, reaching out to extra-terrestrials. It's kind of cute until you realize they are dead serious.

8. Mother - The Police (Andy Summers)
Meant to be an ode to the movie "Pscyho", this begs the question, "To Whom does this song appeal exactly?"

9. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - William Shatner
So bad it's good or something much worse? Either way, on this track, Shatner is most definitely high.... on life.

10. Holocaust - Big Star
The critically acclaimed (final) album from Big Star supposedly represents the ultimate recored of a rock band falling apart. Enjoy!

11. God Gave Rock and Roll To You II - KISS
Personally, I can think of no better defense against atheism than this song. Pure gold, and by gold, I mean animal dung.

12. Celebration of the Lizard - The Doors
Intentionally saved for last, this track offers 17 minutes of sheer agony. Can you make it all the way?

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